It’s time to revolutionise insurance for the new generation of small business owners.

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Do you have a small business?

Your business may have a few people or may just be you. Your most critical assets are probably your laptop and phone. Do you want a product that protects your business in difficult times? Then we are here for you.

The nature of small businesses is evolving, which means the insurance world must evolve too. We are pioneering the way forward – Lukango – coming Autumn 2022.

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How Lukango is different and how we help you.

We are Modern.

Understanding the specific needs of a modern small business like yours and the unique challenges you face is important to us. We understand that it can be challenging navigating the world of insurance, which is why we specialise in providing easy-to-understand, fit-for-purpose, digital insurance products for today’s entrepreneurs.

We are Diverse.

Diversity is at the heart of Lukango, and we continuously strive to build a culture that celebrates the differing backgrounds of our team members. This in turn helps us better understand you; the unique, diverse business owners we are here to support.

We are a Community.

Being a small business owner can be lonely. There are many people like you who need to feel supported in their journey to success. As a customer of Lukango, you will have access to our community of small business owners – a place to share your experiences and support each other, no matter where you are in your journey.

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