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First things first…

Making your dream a reality is no easy thing to do. We understand the creativity, hard work and grit you’ve needed to make it happen, and we’re here to help you protect it.

As a small business owner, naturally, you drive the vision, but sometimes business admin like insurance can be an afterthought.

Lukango looks closely at your business and seamlessly builds policies around it. So, you can go about your day-to-day, knowing your dream is protected the right way.

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We believe that insurance should be inclusive, clear and fair.

Much like yourself, your business is unique, and it’s only fitting that your insurance is too. You wouldn’t pay for an XL if you need a small, would you?

This is why we at Lukango have built an intelligent algorithm that uses data we gather from you, to provide you with the right product and price that’s fair to you. Regardless of your business type.

So, you just say the word and we will arrange all the details of your product for you in a way that’s clear and understandable. And because it’s made from you, you can rest assured that it’s made for you.

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What makes us different is you.

Born from diversity, Lukango exists to champion and support the small stars that go underserved in the constellation of businesses.

We understand and appreciate your journey - many of the Lukango team have actually taken similar roads. The importance of having the right insurance can be the difference between a headache, and peace of mind. So, let us take care of your insurance so you can focus on growing your business with confidence.

Lukango has two products for small businesses like yours, offering, comprehensive cover:

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Fixed price - so that you know what you are going to pay upfront so you can plan your business finances

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Flexible price - designed to adapt to the growth of your business so you can make sure you're paying only what you need to

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who are Lukango?

    Like our customers, we are a small but perfectly formed diverse team bringing over 25+ years of combined experience in insurance, underwriting, claims, and digital product development. This coupled with a background in technology and a passion for championing the underserved, means we are perfectly placed to support the small businesses we protect.

  • What does Lukango do?

    Lukango is helping today’s small businesses and entrepreneurs (you) realise their dreams by protecting their business with truly flexible, easy to understand insurance cover. Lukango puts business owners in control of how little or how much protection they have, and when that protection needs to be in place. It is this flexibility that gives our customers a truly personalised experience.

  • What insurance does a business need?

    Business insurance can cover your company for financial losses if something goes wrong as a result of your day-to-day business activities. The type of cover you need will depend on what type of work you do, some examples include a customer being injured by your product, damage or theft of your stock, or sickness or injury to someone in your team.

    There are many forms of insurance you can choose to cover your small business, including:

    • Public liability insurance
    • Employers’ liability insurance
    • Product liability insurance
    • Stock insurance
  • Will Lukango insurance cover my business?

    Lukango provides cover for many types of business. Just like you, we’re starting small with our first insurance products designed to cover online business. Whether you sell designed clothes, pet products, football memorabilia or 1990’s CDs (remember them) are just a few of the online digital businesses we cover. As Lukango grows, our next generation of products will provide protection for even more businesses: media, creative, tech, data and wellness.

  • How much does business insurance cost?

    At Lukango we know that every business is different and has different insurance cover needs. This is why we work with you to build insurance policies perfectly tailored to your business..

    Using our “flex” product, we can connect directly with your online business data to make sure that the correct levels of insurance protection are provided for your business needs. For example, we monitor your turnover levels and our product adapts to the growth of your business so you can be sure you're paying only what you need to.

    For those that don't want to utilise our flex product, we also offer our “fix” product so that you know what you are going to pay upfront with the certainty that it won't change - that way you can plan your business finances.

  • Is business insurance a legal requirement?

    Some insurance is optional but we think businesses should plan for every eventuality by protecting what is important to the successful running of your business . Many of your clients, partners and other companies you work with will need proof of insurance as a requirement before they work with you. A great example is that if your small business attends events, you will need the right level of public liability insurance when the event day arrives..

    Did you know there is one form of business insurance that you are legally required to have? If your business has employees, then you must have at least £5 million of employers’ liability cover. Lukango can help you understand what you need and when you need it.

  • Can I get business insurance before registering my business?

    Yes, if you are in the process of setting up a new business you can purchase cover before registering your business - you won’t be required to have a company registration number or other registration details before buying. Lukango can help you think about the right time to have insurance - your business might not be launched yet but if you have equipment, stock, or employees then you probably want to be covered.