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It all started in 2021 with the idea that insurance was far from inclusive (in fact life, work, and the world we live in was feeling less than inclusive). It certainly did not go far enough to protect the seeds of big business ideas many of us imagined during the pandemic and the following great resignation.

The Lukango founders wanted the freedom to live and work on their own terms and Lukango was born from the idea of supporting, celebrating, and protecting the hopes and dreams of fledgling businesses - that wanted the same freedom.

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  • Who are Lukango?

    Like our customers, we are a small but perfectly formed diverse team bringing over 50+ years of combined experience in insurance, underwriting, claims, and digital product development. This, coupled with a background in technology and a passion for championing the underserved, means we are perfectly placed to support the small businesses we protect.

  • What does Lukango do?

    Lukango is helping today’s small businesses and entrepreneurs (you) realise their dreams by protecting their business with truly flexible, easy to understand insurance cover. Lukango puts business owners in control of how little or how much protection they have, and when that protection needs to be in place. It is this flexibility that gives our customers a truly personalised experience.

  • Will Lukango insurance cover my business?

    Lukango provides cover for many types of business. Just like you, we’re starting small with our first insurance products designed to cover online retailer businesses. Whether you sell: hand designed t-shirts, pet products, football memorabilia or 1990’s CDs (remember them), we aim to cover you.

    As Lukango grows, our next generation of products will provide protection for even more businesses: media, creative, tech, data and wellness.