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Frequently asked questions about Wellness

  • What is a wellness business?

    The wellness industry has a wealth of opportunities for small businesses. Whatever products or services keep the good old public fit mentally and physically would be classed as a wellness business.

    With the effects of Covid-19 and the changes to the way we live our lives and work still being explored, the wellness industry is capitalising on digital wellness experiences broadening the types of wellness businesses we see in the future.

    We can now add digital yoga studio owners, personal supper club chefs, life coach, and those of you who offer meditation retreats to the list of wellness businesses.

  • What insurance do I need for my wellness business?

    No matter how your small business focuses on the physical health, mental health and wellbeing of people, you might be thinking about the right insurance for you, your customers and those joy-makers that work with you. Here are some of the covers Lukango offers for wellness businesses?

    • Public Liability: to reduce financial risk protect you should someone trip and fall during a Zumba class for example
    • Product Liability: in case someone’s cosmetic treatment causes an unexpected reaction
    • Employers Liability: to protect your small business if one of your pilates teachers takes a tumble (Negligence based - so would need to slip on water etc…)
    • Stock Liability: if your latest batch of lotions and potions is water damaged
    • Professional Indemnity: if you give any instruction or advice to your clients that is not as accurate as it should have been
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